‘Pokémon GO’ Is Finally Evolving With 80 New Gen 2 Pokémon Arriving This Week | Forbes

It’s been something of an open secret that Generation 2 Pokémon from the games Gold and Silver installments were coming to Pokémon GO at some point. But at this point, with so little official information, it seemed as if their arrival was still months away.

Try days away.

This morning, Niantic has announced that Gen 2 is rolling out (almost) all at once with 80 new Gen 2 Pokémon appearing in the game by the end of this week. These are all “Johto” region Pokémon, and while the game has gotten a few Gen 2 “babies” in an earlier event, this is Pokémon GO’s biggest update since launch, one that should result in a huge resurgence in interest, even if the game has fallen out of favor with many.

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