Ten Obnoxious Company Rules To Kill In 2017 | Forbes

I became an HR person in 1984, when many of my readers had not been born yet. I was happy to be able to set my company apart from the other employers in Chicago by killing off stupid, outdated rules and policies.

Getting rid of pointless and insulting HR practices made it easier for my company to hire and hang onto tremendous employees, many of whom are still my homies today.

That was over thirty years ago, but lots of organizations are still following the same archaic rules we abolished in 1984. They don’t realize that every policy they shove down their employees’ throats is another reason for a talented person to leave them and work for a more deserving organization.

Here are ten policies that every employer should get off its books before the champagne corks fly on January 1, 2017.

These policies should have disappeared long ago — so if your company is still following them, now is the perfect time to step into the modern age by killing them off!

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