Why Don’t People Like Your Restaurant?|CoolBusinessIdeas.com

Why-Don’t-People-Like-Your-Restaurant-1-768x640Restaurateurs frequently find themselves in an uncomfortable situation: people used to like your restaurant, now customers are dwindling, you don’t know why. Anyone who has seen TV shows in the vein of Kitchen Nightmares can understand that there are a million reasons why restaurants stop being successful. But people who consider these tales a bit more closely start to see that there actually aren’t that many causes of customer discontent. In general, people stop showing up because the food isn’t as good as it used to be, the restaurant has fallen far behind the times, or the service/management is terrible. It can take a lot of honest soul-searching to observe and accept the reasons that your own restaurant is starting to fail. But doing this work is imperative if you want to make the important changes.

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