El Reno was a Killing Field | YouTube Videos

The El Reno EF-5 Tornado that killed three storm chasers surprised them by changing from the typical northeast track to a southerly track, trapping them.

There are literally dozens of videos of this tornado, but I’ve posted the ones that communicate the instantaneous threat those following these storms found themselves in.

Adding to the mix were scores of amateur chasers and hundreds of regular citizens, who left the relative safety of their homes because they mistook the advice of a weatherman who advised a portion of the viewers to head south. Hundreds clogged the roads, making retreat impossible for those at the front of the line.

Dan Robinson Hit

Note that he is out walking around in the tornado until it’s almost too late.

All I can say is, watching the many vortexes of this storm swing wildly about in a chaotic dance, the last thing that would have entered my mind would have been, “Gee, I need to get closer to this.”

Brandon Sullivan Shits His Pants

Pay attention the orange SUV flying by on the left at the 2:00 minute mark.

Too close for comfort…

Remember the orange SUV? You’re in it now, complete with a hard rock sound track to make it seem more cool and less dangerous.

Mikey Gribble has an insurance claim

Watch the windows explode at 1:46. This is the ‘Saving Private Ryan’ version of ‘Twister’.

Another Lucky Team

Team Twistex:  Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras and Carl Young, RIP. Thank you for the risks you took, doing the work you did. We’re sorry you didn’t have a better chance. There were just too many people on too few roads.

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