Success, Fear and Faith | Katherine ‘Dr. Kas’ Wysocki

It has been said over and over again, we are what we think about most of the time.  Another way to say it is what we think about ourselves is the truth; or, from the Bible “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Really, we’re not talking religion here, just Truth.

Everywhere I go people seem to be worried about something and even lots of things.  It could be family or child issues, the economy, the amount of business they’re doing – or not doing, and all of the above and more.  The other side of that coin is that pretty much everyone is sick and tired of being worried, sick and tired.

We seem to be saturated with fear – and more and more is being delivered to us every day.  It comes to us in the news, over the internet, on the radio and TV by different talk hosts and in our daily conversations.  How often in the last week have you heard (or said) “Have you heard about ____(fill in the blank with something awful)____ ?  The appropriate response is usually “I know – isn’t that just terrible?” or “Yes, what if it happened to us?” or some other acknowledgement that the world as we know it is probably soon to be doomed. YIKES!

Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote: “Faith is a mental attitude which is so convinced of its own idea – which so completely accepts it that any contradiction is unthinkable and impossible.”  Faith will not be denied.  So, the question is: what have you placed your faith in?  Science?  Government?  God?  Jesus?  Your own ability to succeed?  Do you affirm life is great; I am rich; I am terrific; Life is abundant and satisfying?

When you respond to negative input with worry you are expressing faith in negative things; faith in a bad economy; faith in crime, war, misery, suffering; sometimes faith in your own lack of ability or you own failure.  Do you affirm the economy is awful; government is terrible; I am poor, sad, or a failure?

You can affirm in the positive or the negative.  What you affirm is demonstrated by what you already have.  It is the demonstration of what you have faith in.  The good news is that you can understand what I’ve written, so you can change your thinking and your results.  You can give up fear of the negative and have faith in the positive.  What your new beliefs are will be directly demonstrated by your success.

Change requires thought.  From Ernest Holmes: “Each of us attracts to us that which we comprehend…water will reach its own level by its own weight and without effort.” The Law of Mental Equivalents says we can have whatever we are capable of imagining for ourselves and are willing to accept.

Almost everyone I know has heard of the Lord’s Prayer.  Jesus says in it, “Give us this day our daily bread”.  We are already told by this that we may expect our daily bread – what we need; what we expect.  How much do you expect?  Do you have faith in your ability to receive plenty or are you worried that you won’t have enough?   When you expect more and have faith that you deserve more, you will have more.”

So, ask yourself, “What am I willing to accept? What does my faith express? How much success am I ready to enjoy?

Katherine Wysocki, PhD is also known as “Dr Kaś” – Business and Life Skills Consultant – because business and life are not separate.

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