Stimulus News Digest #10 – November 2009 | California Office of the Small Business Advocate

The Office of the Small Business Advocate has this news:


  1. The SBA’s fee waiving pool is empty.
  2. CSULB eases cuts with stimulus money (CSULB, small business? You decide.)
  3. SJSU eases cuts with stimulus money (SJSU, small business? You decide.)
  4. YouthBuild training in green industries (WIN!)
  5. UC Berkeley – $65MM for ‘jobs creation’ (hmmmmm)
  6. Builder Confidence Up Due to Housing Stimulus Extension (One more big swig on that Pepsi can of bailout freedom!)
  7. SETA Sacramento head start and childhood programs –  $2MM (Is this small business?)
  8. $4.6MM for Gilroy School District (noble, but not small business)
  9. Napa OK’s Energy Saving Guru for $250K (sort of, but not quite, small business)
  10. Stimulus Funds Help Shrink Some Classes (a pattern emerges)
  11. State Receives $2.3MM for green jobs training (WIN!)
  12. Stimulus Money to Support UCSF HIV Studies (noble, but not a small business)
  13. New Site Tracks how Stimulus Dollars Flow to Science (institutions the big winners, small business LOSES again)
  14. State Water Board $590MM/4,264 Jobs (Even I can’t argue with this one, even though it has temporary effect and limited help for small business)
  15. Enhanced Geothermal Studies (Lawerance Berkeley National Labs – no, not a small business)
  16. Sacramento $127.5 MM smart grid project (planning, little small business impact)
  17. San Francisco – $323MM – Health, Human Services and Transportation (oh…what’s the use?)
  18. Humboldt 148 full time jobs (better)
  19. YWCA Job Corps Campus – $82MM (WIN!)
  20. 400 mW wind farm in Klickitat County (powers 250,000 homes, non-governmental recipient, jobs – WIN-WIN-WIN!)

This month’s scorecard:

Awards to governments and quasi-government agencies: 18 for $1.24 BN (98.5%)

Awards to private companies: 1 for $19.4MM (1.5%)

“Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get you” – Yogi Berra

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