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3 Ways to Stay Motivated When Working From Home | Getentrepreneurial.com

Working from home has its benefits, but there is no denying that staying motivated and in a hard working mindset can be tough when you are able to work from the comfort of your own house. Whether you work in real estate or do remote work for a medical clinic like ThriveMD, finding the motivation to stay productive, finish projects, and meet deadlines without working in the confines of a traditional office can be tough. Now that working remotely or in hybrid roles is fairly normalized in the workplace, here are a few ways to stay motivated while working from home.

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Realistic Challenges When Working From Home | Getentrepreneurial.com

Working from home has its benefits, but there are also challenges that come with it as well. This is especially true if you work in something complex like the medical industry, such as The Institute of Natural Health. But by being aware of these challenges, you can work to get around them and better prepare yourself.


If you’re someone who is easily distracted, working from home might prove to be a challenge for you. Your office might have a few distractions in it, but at home, you’ve got to deal with things like the mail being delivered, housework that needs to be done, the television is only a few steps away, kids, noisy neighbors, and more.

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19 Work From Home Gift Ideas: Chairs, Desks, Webcams, and More | WIRED

MORE OF US are working from home than ever before thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The WIRED Gear team is comprised mostly of remote workers, and many of us have been working remotely for years. We know firsthand that between distractions, loneliness, and wearing sweatpants six days a week, sometimes remote workers could use a boost. If you’re looking to brighten up your favorite telecommuter’s life, this guide is full of gift ideas for all sorts of tastes and budgets. (Yes, you can be your own favorite telecommuter.)

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Zoom bets billions on home working continuing in Five9 deal | BBC News

Video conferencing firm Zoom has struck a multibillion dollar deal to buy a cloud-based call centre operator in a bet on the future of hybrid working.

The firm announced the $14.7bn (£10.7bn) acquisition of Five9 in a blog post on Sunday.

Zoom boss Eric Yuan said the deal would allow its customers to “reimagine the way they do business”.

It marks the firm’s biggest takeover, and comes even though staff are beginning to return to the office.

Investors have been watching for clues as to how the firm would fare as social distancing restrictions lift and more people are vaccinated.

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Working Home Hybrid Model | Cool Business Ideas

Dezeen promotion: the majority of employees expect to return to the office for at least four days a week post-pandemic, according to research from workplace leader Steelcase.

The Steelcase Global Report forecasts that hybrid working will become the norm for companies all around the world after Covid-19 safety restrictions are lifted.

Despite the rise of working from home imposed by the pandemic, the research suggests that the office will soon reclaim its status as the primary work location.

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5 Ways To Stay Healthy While Working From Home | Getentrepreneurial.com

Working from home and being able to somewhat set your own schedule is unquestionably amazing.  There are times though when working from home can leave you feeling sluggish and unbalanced.  Here are 5 top tips for staying healthy, energetic and productive while working from home.

Start your day with Meditation

Mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes from working in a remote location. Even though you don’t have to worry about a long annoying commute, it does help to get up and do something non-work related before you actually start work.

Instead of jumping up and immediately checking your email, clear your mind.  Stretch and meditate for 10 or 15 minutes. Check out online meditation from Deepak Chopra or download an app such as Mindfulness.

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Should You Let You Employees Work From Home? | Getentrepreneurial.com

In May 2013, the Trades Union Congress revealed that 13% more people in the United Kingdom were working from home than was the case five years previously. In the United States, the Telework Research Network revealed in February 2013 that one in five American workers were based at home for at least one day per week, and forecast a 63% increase in home working over the next five years. But is it a good idea to let staff work from home?

Reasons why home working may be good

Increased productivity

Many people who have worked from home have reported that they get a lot more done than if they were at work. At home, there are no distractions from work-related phone calls and interruptions from colleagues. At home, people can also control the heating or ventilation to their satisfaction.

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