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Entrepreneur’s Guide to Effective Time Management | BusinessNewsDaily.com

Innovators like Henry Ford have attributed their success to good time management. Nevertheless, a recent study found that 72 percent of small business owners are working longer days and on more weekends, while half of those surveyed find there’s not enough time to get things done. With time being the most valuable commodity for small business owners, a time-management plan is essential to running a business and achieving a work-life balance.

Here’s how other entrepreneurs, from freelancers to small businessowners, effectively manage their time and how you can create your own time-management plan for life and business.

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Time Tracking and Management Software | BusinessNewsDaily.com

time trackingAs a business owner, you know one of the keys to keeping employees productive is ensuring they aren’t wasting time. Time tracking and management software prevents wasted time, cuts down on projects slipping through the cracks and helps make sure deadlines are being met. Many of the software options include features that help track and coordinate projects, monitor employee hours and manage sick leave, vacation time, overtime and holidays. Time tracking software can also track other activities, such as presentations and meetings. In addition, some packages can produce invoices and integrate with accounting software.

Our sister site, TopTenREVIEWS, does extensive in-depth reviews of time tracking and management software. Here are the Top 3 recommendations for time tracking and management software:

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