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Inflation Affecting Business | Getentrepreneurial.com

In order for a business to succeed, it’s important for its owners to understand the factors that can impact their bottom line. One of these key factors is inflation. The Federal Reserve targets an annual inflation rate of 2%. However, the rate is currently at 8.6%. Inflation is a result of the broader economic trends at play in the market. In this article, we’ll explore how inflation affects businesses and what owners can do to mitigate its impact. Let’s dive in!

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US consumer debt jumped by $40 billion in February | CNN

Americans got into a lot more debt in February as rampant inflation kept up the pressure, the Federal Reserve’s consumer credit report showed Thursday.

Debt levels jumped by nearly $42 billion to a total of almost $4.5 trillion. That’s an annual increase of 11.3%, seasonally adjusted, far outperforming economists’ expectations and setting a new high. In January, total credit had grown only 2.4%.

The Fed’s historical consumer credit data goes back to the early 1940s.

Revolving credit, which includes credit cards, jumped by 20.7% to about $1.1 trillion. The category increased by only 4% in the prior month.

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‘Anonymous’ Allegedly Demands Resignation Of Fed Chair Bernanke

In the video, uploaded on Saturday, the anonymous group, self-described as loosely connected and Internet based, allegedly claims that the Federal Reserve is guilty of “crimes against humanity” and calls for the resignation of Ben Bernanke. In addition, the group would seem to demand the break up of the Federal Reserve and other major banking institutions

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Video: Quantitative Easing Explained | Credit Writedowns

To those of you who don’t understand what the Federal Reserve Bank is doing to, er, for the economy, this HILARIOUS video is for you. It features two little fluffy characters who speak of the ‘Bernanc’ and explain why the Fed is printing $600BN dollars.

Why? ‘The Goldman Sachs’

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