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How to Know if You’re Successful at Consulting | David A. Fields

How do you know if you’re doing well at the consulting game? Revenue? Client feedback? Those are okay metrics; however, if you look around your office you’ll find a better clue.

Somewhere nearby, you probably have a stack of business cards from people you met at conference or trade show or similar event.

Who’s In Your Stack?

Let’s see… there are possible prospects, some of whom you actually followed up with. There’s a little bunch of cards from competitors, and there are cards from people you don’t even remember collecting.

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15 Entrepreneurs on What They Wish They’d Known When They First Started Up | Slideshow | Entrepreneur.com

Building a successful business is typically done by trial and error, with many hurdles along the way. And when it’s your first company, every day involves making mistakes and learning something new.

We asked small-business owners around America to tell us the one thing they wished they’d known when they first started their businesses.

We’ve broken out some of the best to serve as a primer on getting as much as possible right the first time around.

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