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From Teens to Adults, Everyone’s Now Watching Online Video as Much as TV | Adweek

Globally, people are spending as much time watching online video as they spend watching TV, according to a new report from Millward Brown. That should bode well for brands trying to target cord-cutters or “cord-nevers,” but digital promos annoy many viewers.

For Millward Brown’s study, “AdReaction: Video Creative in a Digital World,” the research firm polled more than 13,500 multiscreen viewers—i.e., people who own a TV and either a smartphone or tablet—in 42 countries on what they think about video advertising.

The average consumer between the ages of 16 and 45 watches 204 minutes of video a day, split equally between TV and online. Forty-five minutes of the average online viewing time is done on a smartphone, while desktop accounts for 37 minutes and tablet for 20 minutes

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The Tech Behind Apple Pay: Is Your Money Secure? | Live Science

Go ahead and forget your wallet. Apple’s new mobile payment system, Apple Pay, launches today Oct. 20, and while some have questioned whether the technology is safe, security experts say it may actually be safer than swiping your credit or debit card.

Apple Pay lets iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users make purchases in stores with their smartphones, using near-field communication NFC technology. A tiny antennain the phone transmits encrypted credit card data without consumers having to swipe their card.

NFC technology isn’t new; it’s used to make mobile payments from Android phones with apps like Google Wallet and Softcard. But Apple’s mobile wallet might be more secure than those other options, according to Martin Ferenczi, the North American president of Oberthur Technologies, a French electronics security company.

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SmartThings will let you run your world by smartphone| cnn.money.com

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Kickstarter’s latest tech darling promises to let you run your entire world from your smartphone: Control your air conditioning, lock your doors, or get an alert when your plumbing starts leaking. It’s called SmartThings, and it’s slated to start shipping in December.

SmartThings founder Alex Hawkinson got the idea for a system linking regular household items to the Internet after a power outage in his vacation home caused the basement pipes to explode. When Hawkinson showed up at the house a month later, he wished there had been a way for him to get a notification that something was up before chaos broke out.

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U.S. Bank, Visa to begin mobile-payment pilot | selfserviceworld.com

U.S. Bank and Visa Inc. soon will begin testing mobile payments in more than a dozen states that have stores which accept contact less payments.

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Future Phone-Integrated Credit Card, Media Player|Trendhunter.com

“Imagine the device that unites everything that you carry along: a mobile phone, a player, your credit and discount cards, your apartment and your car keys. We have imagined it and now introduce you to the future.” (Plus Minus)

The device in size of a credit card 54×85,6 mm (C’ALL) will replace all those. Moreover it can work as:

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