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How Hamdi Ulukaya Built Chobani Into a $1.5 Billion Yogurt Empire | Inc.com

I’m Kurdish, and I’m from Turkey. I grew up on sheep farms, and in the mountains. What got respected most was a person’s values. It wasn’t money, it wasn’t how many sheep a person had. It wasn’t how tall the person was. A person’s actions would earn them the respect they deserved. The community would grow to trust that the person would always be there. That the person would lead the way. That the person would bring solutions. I watched my father live this. I watched my mother live this in a massive way. They were clearly leaders in the community.

When I started, I had five factory workers. I couldn’t promise them big things. I couldn’t promise security, even–that would have been misleading. But I could stand up and paint the walls with them. That’s the way I know. Action was my No. 1 thing: Walk the factory floor. Shake hands. Sit down, have lunch, joke, show vulnerabilities, show strength. Recognize people. I’m always there, shoulder to shoulder, on the frontlines.

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Refugees United, The Social Network That’s More Important Than Facebook, Goes Mobile | Fast Company

The Mikkelsen brothers founded Refugees United after helping a close friend—a refugee from Afghanistan—track down his brother following years of separation. The brothers recognized the web’s stunning potential to empower refugees to find loved ones and form a communication network. Bringing their passion and energy to bear, the brothers reached out to form partnerships to bring their idea to life in the form of a low cost, high impact system.


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