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When It Makes Sense to Take a Private Jet | Entrepreneur.com

Marketing private jets as the affordable option might seem crazy, but a new fleet of charter jet operators are attempting to do just that in a push to ‘democratize’ luxury travel.

JetSuite, a private jet airline that charters flights on its fleet of Phenom 100s (which seat four passengers) and CJ3 jets (which seat six or seven), is making the hard sell that in many cases, flying private can be a cost-efficient option for business travel.

The argument has its merits. The company offers daily deals on empty flights to fill vacant seats. A recent one-way trip on a four-seater jet from San Jose to Las Vegas was listed at $536.43, 66 percent cheaper than what four commercial business class seats would cost.

JetSuite is simply one company in a crowded field looking to make flying private more accessible. JumpSeat operates like Airbnb, letting individuals who have already chartered a plane rent seats out to free-floaters, potentially saving flyers up to 50 percent, says the company. And then there’s Jumpjet, which operates more like a taxi-service, placing different groups of passengers who all share a destination on a single jet. The company says round trips on its private jets could cost as low as $450.

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On the Road – Signs of a Rebound in Business Aviation | NYTimes.com

Check list for fat cats:

Get TARP money

Invest in more junk investments

Make a ton of money

Pay back TARP

Stop flying with those nasty unwashed masses.

Gingerly, some business travelers are venturing back into private aircraft after the battered economy — and a public outcry against that perk of fat cats, the corporate jet — walloped the general aviation industry starting in 2008.

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