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How Your Small Business Can Get More Google Reviews—And Why It Matters – AllBusiness.com

What’s the first thing you do when seeking the services of a new business? Chances are you look them up on Google. More than 60% of customers check Google reviews online before they visit a business. Understandably, they want to check out the experience others have had with your company before they commit to you.

This is why Google reviews are important, and why you should put effort into acquiring them. The first thing that appears when you search for a business on Google is that business’ reviews and average rating, and if these are not good, chances are potential customers will go elsewhere.

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Boost Your Business’s Credibility to Increase Sales | AllBusiness.com

You must have a trustworthy business; otherwise, you will drive away current and potential customers. Credibility encourages people to trust your business and your products or services. Credibility increases customer loyalty and sales.

But if you don’t know how to show off your credibility or are lacking credibility, you might be in trouble. People may not trust you enough to buy from you. Luckily, there are ways to increase your business’s credibility.

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