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Check Out These Podcasts to Keep Up With the Latest Business and Industry Trends | AllBusiness.com

Many entrepreneurs make a point of following the emerging trends within their industries. If you’re looking for something beyond traditional trade publications, there are a number of rich sources of information and discussions available, including industry-specific podcasts.

To help you learn about some of these resources, we asked a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members the following question:

Q. What is one podcast or other resource you recommend entrepreneurs follow for industry insights? Why is this resource so valuable?

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ABC and Amazon will produce podcasts Start Up and Lore into TV shows | Adweek

In a sentence that only makes sense in 2016, your favorite podcasts are becoming TV shows.

As announced earlier this year, Start Up, a podcast that follows the creation of Gimlet Media, a podcast producing company, will air on ABC. While Lore, a podcast that details “real-life scary stories,” is coming to Amazon. For the podcasts, it’s been a rapid transition from iTunes to the small screen.

“Did I think we’d be in the TV business before our two-year mark? I never expected that,” said Matt Lieber, president and co-founder of Gimlet Media, and whom the podcast is partly focused on. “But what motivates Gimlet is telling stories that help our audience better understand each other and the world,” said Lieber.

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Why Audio Advertising Could Be Your Campaign’s Secret Weapon, from The Trade Desk | Adweek

Everybody seems to be talking digital video, but another attractive opportunity for many marketers has emerged in digital audio.

Streams. Playlists. Podcasts. They’re the soundtrack of today’s life experiences. That’s hardly anything new. Advertisers have long turned to audio as a way to connect with people in a way that feels both authentic and contextually relevant—as years of radio success will attest. But what’s different are the technologies that make audio advertising more effective and more targeted than ever.

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