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Oil is up $80 in seven weeks. The remarkable recovery could be too good to be true | CNN

The oil market has rapidly recovered from its darkest day ever. US crude topped $40 a barrel this week. That wouldn’t typically be notable — but right now, that marks an $80 leap from its unprecedented trip below zero just seven weeks ago, when it hit a low of -$40.32 a barrel on April 20. Meanwhile Brent crude, the world benchmark, has more than doubled since mid-April.

The remarkable oil recovery is being driven by hopes of a sharp rebound in the world economy from the coronavirus pandemic that crushed demand for gasoline, jet fuel and diesel.

The oil comeback also reflects enthusiasm for record-setting production cuts by OPEC, Russia and their allies, plus the sharp pullback in output from the United States, the world’s leading producer.

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Oil price will put US back in recession | Globes

Empirically, the US economy has entered a recession every time US national spending on oil has crossed the line of 4% of GDP. 4% of US GDP is equivalent to about $80 dollars a barrel. That means that if oil prices remain above $80, the US will enter a recession by year’s end.”

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