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Sport Management Careers: Not Just About Stereotyping | Getentrepreneurial.com

When one starts to mention careers in sports management, the idea of an NFL coach quickly springs to a lot of minds.

Of course, this was the basis of the field a couple of decades ago. Now, things have changed.

A lot of universities are starting to offer graduates a path into sports management careers, and suffice to say, it doesn’t involve being the coach of an NFL team.

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St. Louis sues NFL for moving Rams to L.A. | Money Cnn

The place the Rams called home for two decades is now suing the football team.

The city of St. Louis, Missouri — where the Rams were based for two decades before jilting it for Los Angeles last year — filed a lawsuit Wednesday claiming the team and the NFL failed to use proper protocol when the Rams were relocated.

“In the years leading up to the Rams relocation request, Rams officials decided to move the team and confidentially determined that they would be interested in exploiting any opportunity to do so,” the complaint reads.

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Kansas City Chiefs credit cornhole with saving season | Plog

So NFL.com asked the team what’s behind Kansas City’s turnaround. The team credited … cornhole.

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