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13 Fatal Marketing Mistakes That Could Sink Your Business | AllBusiness.com

The right marketing strategies can elevate your brand and give your business positive attention and exposure, while the wrong ones can sink your company. To find out which strategies work—and the ones to avoid—we asked entrepreneurs from YEC Next and YEC this question:

Q: What common marketing strategies should entrepreneurs avoid and what should they be doing instead?

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When marketing goes wrong | The Startup Magazine

You read a great deal of how-to guides on the best marketing techniques to promote your business – but what about examples of bad marketing?

To advise you on what not to do, button badges expert Badgemaster presents some of the mistakes to avoid in your marketing campaigns.

Not knowing your audience.

Marketing is about promoting your company to your target market. Deciding on the audience for your marketing informs all other decisions. So, this needs to be right.

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4 Marketing Mistakes You Can Easily Turn into Marketing Masterpieces | The Startup Magazine

Everybody makes mistakes. When it comes to marketing, especially social marketing, few get it perfectly right out of the gate. The trick is to make mistakes you can learn from and correct.

Here are 4 others you may stumble into, but are not fatal if you act wisely and quickly:

1. Poor Use of Video

Companies are fond of using video in their marketing efforts. These days, it is not all about TV. It is mainly about the web. The success of YouTube as social media has emboldened companies to try all sorts of video stunts that have been ill-advised, to put it mildly.

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