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Stupid Management Tricks – The Vanishing Fourth Floor | Los Angeles Times

When They Hit the Ceiling, These Execs Just Move to the Next Floor

June 21, 1999|ROY RIVENBURG
Quadrophobia Bureau: We’ve heard of buildings where the elevators don’t list a 13th floor. Now there seems to be a jinx on the fourth floor, as well. At the corporate headquarters of Hunt-Wesson Foods in Fullerton, for example, the entire fourth floor mysteriously vanished over Memorial Day weekend.

Apparently, company bigwigs decided that changing the number of the floor–which houses all the executive suites–would stop employees from referring to management as “the fourth floor” (as in “You won’t believe what the fourth floor did today” or “Naturally, the layoffs don’t affect the fourth floor”).

So presto, they turned it into the fifth floor. The elevators now stop at 1, 2, 3 and . . . 5, all room numbers on the floor no longer begin with a “4” and corporate directories were reprinted to eliminate any trace of the number that dare not speak its name.

We wanted to ask Hunt-Wesson if it also plans to refer to the Fourth of July as July 5, but we were told that the company’s lone spokeswoman was on the road (perhaps in her new five-wheel-drive sport utility vehicle) and unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, employees have begun referring to management as “the fifth floor,” and the Beatles are now known as the Fab Five.

Lydia was a contractor of Hunt Wesson when this occurred.  She and her friend ran to the renumbered building.  ‘GTFO’, said Lydia’s friend as they read the numbers in the elevator: ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, 5′.  – Ed

Urban Outfitters wants full-time employees to work for free | Business Insider

As the holiday season approaches, Urban Outfitters is hoping that its employees are in the giving spirit.

Gawker published an email asking the full-time employees at URBN, Urban Outfitters’ parent company based in Philadelphia, to work without pay during five weekend days in October.

The email explains that October is the busiest month of the year for URBN (which houses Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie), and therefore, URBN needs its employees’ help.

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Why The Way We Work Is Broken and How to Fix It | Blinkist

From the hours of 4 or 5 a.m. to 8 or 9 at night, man, woman and child could be found behind closed – often locked – factory doors. They went to work before sunup and trailed home in the dark. The longest break, a half hour for tea, was the best respite most people could expect, which likely felt as ghastly as it sounds.

Although things have changed for the more humane since then, if reading the above gave you an unsettling prickle of familiarity, you wouldn’t be alone. This system of management, called command and control, is still widely used today.

Command and control might be “historically proven,” but it only makes sense if the person running the show is a complete genius, and the employees, mental midgets incapable of independent thought. These days though, organizations tend not to be this stratified: smart, educated people can be found at all levels of a company, and as you’ve probably already realized if you’ve ever held a job, that someone holds a senior position doesn’t always indicate smarts.

So what do you think happens when you try to force people of equal intelligence into a strict hierarchy as in the command and control system?

71% of people wind up hating their jobs, that’s what.

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Learning From Your Failures Creates a Culture of Fear | Fast Company

It’s become a classic business mantra: you learn more from your failures than from your successes. But what if that idea is all wrong?    Read Article.