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Tech Trends to Watch From CES 2019 | Digital Trends

Tech shapes our daily life, impacting not just how we read and work and play but how we interact, how we learn, how we grow. And just days from now in Las Vegas, CES (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show) will give us a window into what that will look like.

Unfortunately, it’s a really big window.

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Las Vegas Paper Sues Small Bloggers – Dispatches Withdraws Post, States Policy

The article that used to appear at this URL, ‘The People Living in Drains Below Las Vegas’, has been withdrawn because it was published by the Las Vegas Sun, the sister paper of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The Journal has engaged the services of a firm named RightHaven, who is using the copyright law to sue little blog sites like this one for posting full text reprints of their articles, even though the paper is fully credited for it.

Their theory is they are losing money through lost clicks. Anyone with a website can tell you clicks do not a conversion make. So the truth is these are extortion shake downs of people who are, in reality,  promoting the sources of the articles.

We have always only posted excerpts of articles with links to their original sources. But the Journal is suing people for doing that. On that basis, we will not link to, or run any content from the Las Vegas Sun or the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Any links or posts linked to or referencing articles published by these two papers will be deleted as soon as they are discovered.


This site is a small community created for our friends and clients to share business news along with the cool things we bump into on the internet. We always include a link to the original source. If we cannot include a link, we do not post it, period. We always credit the source. We are not thieves.

We also promote posted articles using both Twitter and Facebook, expanding the marketing footprint of the originating source. We think this is a nice thing to do and we do not charge for it. If, however, a source does not wish to avail themselves of our kindness, please inform us and we will remove the article, just like we did here.

Otherwise, file suit. You won’t win and you know it.