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Why People Dislike Really Smart Leaders | Scientific American

Why People Dislike Really Smart Leaders

Those with an IQ above 120 are perceived as less effective, regardless of actual performance.

Why People Dislike Really Smart Leaders

Intelligence makes for better leaders—from undergraduates to executives to presidents—according to multiple studies. It certainly makes sense that handling a market shift or legislative logjam requires cognitive oomph. But new research on leadership suggests that, at a certain point, having a higher IQ stops helping and starts hurting.

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Science shows how drummers’ brains are unique | Alternative Press

baby drummerResearchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute found a link between “intelligence, good timing and the part of the brain used for problem-solving,” reports PolyMic. In the study, drummers who were better able to keep a steady beat scored better on a 60-question intelligence test. After all, figuring out how to play in time is just a form of problem-solving in and of itself.

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Why Is Memory So Good and So Bad?| Scientific American.com

istock/Barbara Dudzinska

What did you eat for dinner one week ago today? Chances are, you can’t quite recall. But for at least a short while after your meal, you knew exactly what you ate, and could easily remember what was on your plate in great detail. What happened to your memory between then and now? Did it slowly fade away? Or did it vanish, all at once?

Memories of visual images (e.g., dinner plates) are stored in what is called visual memory. Our minds use visual memory to perform even the simplest of computations; from remembering the face of someone we’ve just met, to remembering what time it was last we checked.

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