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Intellectual Property Rights in the Workplace | Business News Daily

In many cases, intellectual property (IP) created on behalf of a business in exchange for compensation is considered the property of the business that commissioned it.

The terms of a signed business agreement might stipulate who owns any intellectual property created on company time or using company equipment. Review all agreements carefully before signing.

Though intellectual property laws favor businesses, employees have rights. Consult with an attorney if you believe a business agreement you’ve signed violates state or federal law.

This article is for professionals and creatives who regularly develop intellectual property on behalf of businesses and need to know who owns the rights to their work.

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Should Startups File for Patents? – Bloomberg

“The system we have now will eventually destroy innovation in Silicon Valley. Every patent is a micro law prohibiting innovation. We’ve gone from a model of companies competing with each other to create the best product to companies suing each other to prevent them from innovating.”

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China Puts The Screws To BMW | ZeroHedge

These outsized profit margins and rapidly growing sales are what BMW is trying to protect in the near term. And so it has to yield to the demand by the Chinese government to share technologies with Chinese partners.

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Actress sues over ‘Elly May Barbie’ doll | CNN.com

“She was a slice out of my own life. And of course ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ was a story about the American Dream. No matter who tried to slicker us or take advantage of us, we always came out on top.”

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