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IKEA creates easily packable furniture for urban nomads | New Atlas

Following the release of its Rognan robotic furniture, IKEA has kept true to its word in exploring flexible solutions for modern urban living. The Swedish furniture company has revealed a new line of furniture dubbed Råvaror that will include a collection of everyday furniture pieces that are specifically designed for small spaces, with the added bonus of being easily dismantled, packed, moved and re-assembled.

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Space10 and EFFEKT develop subscription-based housing | Dezeen

IKEA’s research lab Space10 has teamed up with architecture studio EFFEKT on The Urban Village Project, a vision for subscription-based housing that brings together people of different generations and encourages them to share facilities.

Both based in Copenhagen, Space10 and EFFEKT have developed a number of policies to move towards more communal living, or co-living.

These include shared daycare and transport, local water harvesting, communal dining and urban farming initiatives.

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This IKEA item may buy mom and dad more sleep | IKEA Hackers

If you have a toddler at home, you’re no stranger to early wake up calls. In the summer months it may get even earlier as the little one may wake with daylight.

Megan is a mom of 3, with the youngest at 3 years old. Megan came up with a sleep training clock to help her child know when it’s okay to wake the adults.

She bought the cheap IKEA STOMMA clock and drew on a new colourful face. The colourful sections are key to this sleep training clock.

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Ikea Had a Great Reaction to Balenciaga Making a $2,145 Version of Its 99-Cent Blue Bag | Adweek

The designers at Balenciaga must be big Ikea fans, because the French fashion house just unveiled a fancy new leather bag that looks strikingly like Ikea’s famous blue tote—though the price tag looks a whole lot different.

Balenciaga’s goes for $2,145. Ikea’s is just 99 cents.

This was too much comedy for Ikea to process silently. In Sweden, at the urging of its agency partner Acne, Ikea (via in-house shop Ikea Creative Shop) whipped up a print ad and a social post comically explaining to readers how to tell the difference between Balenciaga’s bag and Ikea’s.

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Ikea Pledged $1 Billion To Fight Climate Change–And That’s Just A Small Part Of Its Green Agenda | Co.Exist

3047177-inline-i-2-ikea-pledged-a-billion-bucks-to-fight-climate-copyIkea might still be better known for cheap flat-pack bookcases than sustainability. But the world’s biggest furniture company is in the process of transforming itself to fight climate change. The latest step—a pledge of 1 billion euros (or $1.13 billion) for renewable energy and climate adaptation projects—is one piece of Ikea’s bigger vision to bring you the greenest Smörboll and Ödmjuk.

“We looked at this issue and said there hasn’t been enough positive advocacy from the business community,” says Steve Howard, Ikea’s chief sustainability officer. “It’s only now that we’re starting to see more businesses step up in this space.”

Over the next five years, the Swedish giant will spend €600 million on wind and solar installations for its stores and factories. That’s on top of another €1.5 billion spent since 2009; by 2020, the company plans to run on 100% renewable energy. To put these sums in scale, these figures are higher than what some entire European nations have pledged to the UN Green Climate Fund. Germany, one of the biggest donors, pledged €750m. It’s also a not-insignficant chunk of Ikea’s net profit in 2014: €3.33 billion ($3.79 billion).

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Monitor Desk | ikeahackers.net

I have a small table looking for a multifunctional computer desk. As a base I took a MICKE desk white and SUMMERA computer holder. The two 24 “monitors are permanently installed on Ergotron NeoFlex. Near field monitors are mounted on DRALL Instruments brackets.

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Kitchen Appliance Garage | IKEA Hackers.net

Materials: Varde glass door wall cabinet, standard Ikea base cabinets & Ekby Bjarnum wall shelves

Description: We were looking for a built in storage unit/appliance garage to store all of our small counter-top appliances. The problems we were facing were:

1) Cost…highly expensive to have custom built

2) Availability…we could find roller door cabinetry but most was too shallow to house our large kitchen aid mixer and Magimix…so

IKEA to the rescue. We wanted all of the clutter HIDDEN and we wanted something that looked custom built to fit the space.

See Instructions.

Pet Furniture | IKEA Hackers.net

IKEA Hackers: pet furniture

Materials: PJÄS dish, shelves supports, PVC pipe, drywall anchors, rope, hot glue, table adjustable leg

Description: First I attached the adjustable leg to the PVC pipe with screws.

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