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Seven Strategies I Use on Black Friday and Cyber Monday | The Simple Dollar

downloadI’ll be honest: since about 2009, I haven’t left the house on Black Friday. Instead, I usually sleep in after a long evening spent eating a big meal and having a few glasses of wine with family members. I do get up and check a few online sales, but I haven’t found anything in a brick-and-mortar store that makes it worthwhile to actually go out there and battle the crowds.

That doesn’t mean I don’t utilize the bargains on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I usually do end up buying an item or two each year based on those sales though they have usually been online buys, but I have a very specific strategy that I use to make this work.

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The Best Deal Sites Can Save You up to 95% | lifefactopia

Everyone loves the idea of the killer deals that days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday bring, but they often come at a price. Either you find yourself waking up super early to secure the best deal, or the savings are to be had on specific products that don’t interest you. Worst of all, nobody wants to stand in line for hours only to find out the deal is no longer available.

What you’ll also discover during the season is that not all deals are created equal – some sites offer bigger discounts on better products than others. Some offer up to 95% off brand new popular gadgets like an iPad whereas others offer up to 50% off a Jelly-of-the-Month membership!

Savvy deal seekers spend hours each year discovering which sites have the best deals listed, and what online retailers are willing to offer insane deals.  You’ll be surprised that you might not have heard of these sites.

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