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Tips for Writing a Job Candidate Rejection Letter | Business News Daily

Applicant rejection letters affect how candidates view your company and may have a wider impact on your reputation as an employer.

An applicant rejection letter should be a simple note thanking the candidate for applying and letting them know you are moving in a different direction.

If an applicant’s rejection letter leaves a positive impression on the candidate, it may encourage them to apply to future opportunities that may suit them better.

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We’re Unconsciously Hiring the Wrong Candidates | Entrepreneur

It’s easy to easily establish unconscious biases about who the “best fit” for a job might be based on our individual experiences. For example, let’s say that you attended a top university like Harvard or Yale, and you receive a slew of applications from candidates, some of whom attended universities ranked lower than the one you attended. You might unknowingly be less inclined to hire those candidates despite them having the qualifications to back up their expertise.

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Are Candidates Ghosting Your Business? | Business News Daily

The term “ghosting” doesn’t just apply to the dating world. If you’ve ever been “stood up” by an employee who stopped coming into work as if they vanished into thin air, you’re not alone. Employers everywhere have experienced both potential and current employees suddenly cut off communication for a variety of reasons.

This phenomenon happens in all industries for any number of positions. A promising candidate for your vacant position aced their interview, and they seemed genuinely excited to get started, but come their start date, they’re nowhere to be found. You call, email and leave multiple messages, but they all go unreturned. This is especially frustrating if this is after you closed the job listing, forcing you start the hiring process all over again.

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