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Why IoT Will Have a Big Impact on Health Care | Business.com

IoT will eventually have an impact on health care.

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) entails the use of electronic devices that help to capture or monitor data and are linked to a public or private network, empowering them to mechanically initiate certain events. In this article, we will study the context of IoT in the health care industry and come across the myriad of benefits it has bestowed upon it.

Internet of Things and the health care industry

Before the arrival of IoT, the patient’s interactions with doctors were restricted to physical visits and tele and text communications. There was absolutely no way in which the doctors could continuously monitor a patient’s health and suggest treatments accordingly.

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Can Virtual Care Shift From Vision To Reality? | Forbes

In today’s über-connected world, people are increasingly incentivized to take accountability for their health.  With wearable devices tracking everything from sleep cycles to heart rates to steps taken, friends and family members hold each other accountable to healthy goals.  For example, “My Fitness Pal” notifies me each time my friend walks her dog, and the app prompts me to congratulate her. And my sister can view the number of steps her husband takes each day via their connected Fitbit apps. She can intervene when he isn’t being as active as he should.

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Op-Ed Contributor – P.S.A. prostate screening is inaccurate and a waste of money. – NYTimes.com

I never dreamed that my discovery four decades ago would lead to such a profit-driven public health disaster.

This piece alone is enough take medicine out of the for-profit arena.

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My Generation | Peter Mehit

I love watching people who enjoy publicly subsidized medical care and prescription drug benefits stand on street corners with signs warning of a socialist takeover of health care.

Given how long it took the Tea Partiers to realize their first name choice, ‘Tea Baggers’, actually described a sexual practice, there is probably little hope they will grasp how ironic they are.  These individuals are the number one enemies of health care reform. The baby boomers. They’re retired (or about to be), they’ve got steady income and a great health plan. They’ve got theirs and you’re not going to mess with it.
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