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What Separates Great Companies From Average Ones? Arming Your Workers With Data | Inc.com

A new Harvard Business Review report shows the power of putting data in the hands of front-line workers, but it also reveals that it takes a lot more than just technology and tools to succeed.

According to the report, which was commissioned by ThoughtSpot and based on responses from 464 business executives, employees must be trained on how to act on insights when they have them and be given autonomy to make decisions in the moment.

For companies that are arming their workers with data today, 32 percent see a “significant increase” in product or service quality, while 28 percent see an increase in productivity or efficiency, according to the report.

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Business Travel Is Bad for Your Health | Business News Daily

Travel is often cited as a way to expand one’s mind, eliminate stress, and add new experiences to your life.

Business travel? Not so much.

Such obligatory trips often are accompanied with late-night or early-morning flights, bad food, and insufficient sleep. It’s the kind of trip that makes you long to be home.

A report from the Harvard Business Review found a “strong correlation” between how frequently one traveled for business and a number of physical and behavioral health risks.

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