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Alive Day – October 25, 2020 | Peter Mehit

I had a heart attack on October 25, 2020, which coincidentally, was my 23rd wedding anniversary.  No, I don’t think the two are related.

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Gratitude Should Be a Year-Long Habit for Your Business | AllBusiness.com

Small business owners have plenty of reasons to be thankful. And the Thanksgiving season is a great opportunity to express gratitude to the people who help your business succeed and improve and enrich your daily work life.

That said, it’s important to make thankfulness a genuine, continual (even daily!) habit. As you decide how best to communicate your gratitude over the coming year, consider the many individuals who contribute to your success.

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  3 Strategies to Grow Your Business with Gratitude | Getentrepreneurial

You’re increasing your sales. Your team is more productive. You get out of the office earlier to do what you love with those you love…

…and yet there’s something missing. You struggle to keep all the business plates spinning simultaneously. It’s exhausting most days. Your family and friends ask, “Are you okay?”

The missing something is Gratitude.

Here are 3 Strategies to Grow Your Business with Gratitude:

Gratitude Focuses on the Positive

You see what you look for.

Is your default zoom set on what’s wrong with your business? That’s exhausting.

Of course all of our companies have room for improvement. Systems and strategies can be tweaked for greater efficiency. If that’s all you see when you look at your business, you completely miss what’s working positively.

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