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Why it’s difficult for Netflix and ‘Friends’ to go on a break | CNN

New York (CNN Business)”Friends” will be there for you on Netflix through 2019, but the minor internet meltdown over a rumor that the show was leaving goes to the heart of the biggest question about Netflix’s short-term future: What happens if and when its competitors pull their most popular content from Netflix to make it exclusive to their own streaming services?

One show might not make a difference, but Disney and WarnerMedia, both of which are launching streaming services next year, hold the key to a huge trove of content that lives on Netflix. WarnerMedia’s “Gilmore Girls” and “The West Wing” and Disney’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” for instance, all had big fanbases when they lived on their respective networks and are now big draws for Netflix.

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To Spread Your Brand On Facebook, Don’t Target Your Fans–Target Their Friends | Fast Company

Facebook and ComScore have teamed up for a new service, Social Essentials. It offers unprecedented insights into the influence of brands on social media, complete with detailed credit card behavior, and findings suggest it’s not really your brand’s fans you need to worry about–it’s their friends.

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Interview: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on the Value of Viral Loops | Fast Company

Mark Zuckerberg just released his new book, ‘Viral Loop’ which provides a way to measure the value of Facebook friends. The interview deals with the launch of Facebook, but little to do with the Viral Loop widget, which they invite you to download. The widget is interesting and worth taking a look at.

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