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Make Money Without Losing Family Time | Lucy Reed

Family Time

Being a single parent is difficult on numerous levels. Between taking kids to activities such as sports practices and after-school programs, there is little time left in the day for enjoying their company. Single parenting often is financially stressful as well. Everything falls on your shoulder when you are a single parent. This can be scary or empowering.

For those looking to fill in the income gap on their monthly budget, the increased number of freelancing opportunities may be the perfect way to make some extra income without missing out on family time. At home gig range from doing remote skilled work to selling items online. Most of these jobs require little more than a computer, knowledge about a specific field and the confidence to take a stab at the work.

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Why an Ex-Google Coder Makes Twice as Much Freelancing | Bloomberg Business

James Knight recently made an unorthodox career move for a 27-year-old coder: quitting a well-paid gig writing software for Google to go freelance. No more catered lunches, gold-plated benefits or million-dollar views from the search giant’s Manhattan office.

Knight is willing to sacrifice those perks because as an independent he’s pulling down about twice as much as he did at Google. Plus, he has more freedom. In March, Knight and his wife plan to travel to Spain and hopscotch across Europe—all the while writing code for a dating app and a self-portrait app, among others.

“I’d rather control my own destiny and take on the risk and forgo the benefits of nap pods and food,” Knight says.

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Freelancing: A New Business Concept that is set to take the Commercial Realm by Storm | Cool Business Ideas

Perhaps ten years back, the idea of freelancing was not as appealing as it is today. Even three or four years ago the proposition of going the freelancing way was all about particular skill sets including designers/web developers, copywriters and illustrators. Today however, in the age of start-up boom anyone with the following skills can look forward to raking in the moolah:

Full service blogging

Metrics Analytics

Startup Video Producing

Food styling Podcasting


The post, however, is not about the new opportunities to be explored in freelancing but more about ways to succeed as a freelancer. Freelancing does spell a lot of freedom initially. However, freedom, here, cannot be equated with lack of planning or discipline. Here is a look at the infallible tips to succeed in freelancing. Here’s your chance to explore more of what you already love doing. Read on.

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