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Will a Test for Brain Trauma Protect NFL Players—or End the NFL? | Bloomberg

In November, Kevin Hrusovsky paid a visit to the NFL’s headquarters on Park Avenue in New York. Hrusovsky (pronounced ruh-sov-skee) is chairman and chief executive officer of Quanterix, a life sciences startup that makes machines for measuring proteins and other biomarkers in the blood. He had the NFL’s attention because researchers have been using his company’s machines to hunt for markers of concussions and neurodegenerative disease. In an open letter NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell published in September about the league’s commitment to player safety, he wrote that Quanterix was developing “a blood test to reveal a concussion diagnosis.” It would be, Goodell said, “a major breakthrough.” The league, through a partnership with General Electric, has awarded Quanterix $800,000 in grants in the past three years. Hrusovsky was hoping to persuade the NFL to invest directly.

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Kansas City Chiefs credit cornhole with saving season | Plog

So NFL.com asked the team what’s behind Kansas City’s turnaround. The team credited … cornhole.

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