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The Secret to Success Is Failure | Life Hack

You see a job that you’d love to do; and, you decide to go for it.

You submit your application, and then are pleased to find a few days later that you’re invited for an interview. This goes well, and you begin to have quiet optimism that a job offer will be coming your way soon…

It doesn’t.

Instead, you receive a letter saying thank you — but, they’ve decided to go with another candidate.

At this point, you could allow yourself to feel defeated, sad, and perhaps even a little angry. These are normal responses to bad news. Yet, it’s not wise to let them fester and disrupt your goals. Successful people don’t let failures kill their dreams.

Sure, they might temporarily feel deflated. But, very quickly, they pick themselves back up again and begin planning their next steps towards success.

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5 Ways to Turn an Embarrassing Failure into a Giant Success | Inc.com

getty_200397990-001_970728970450047_63217There are very few stories of success that don’t start with at least a few failures along the way. But certainly not everyone who fails succeeds. Failure can easily turn into an insurmountable hurdle that can stop you in your tracks.

So what’s the difference between those who let failure stop them from reaching their goals and those who turn failure into a giant success? It has to do with the way they respond to adversity. Here are five ways to turn failure into a giant success:

1) Accept that Failure is Part of the Journey Toward Success

Saying, “Failure isn’t an option,” quickly turns any failed attempt into a catastrophic event. The truth is, sometimes failure is unavoidable. Accepting that failure is part of the long journey to success can prevent you from panicking, even when you encounter the worst case scenario. A calm mindset is crucial to overcoming failure.

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Don’t Fear Failure | Robert Kiyosaki – Entrepreneur Magazine

Don’t Fear Failure | Robert Kiyosaki – Entrepreneur Magazine

You are what you think you are. Whether failing makes you a failure is all a matter of how you view yourself. This article by Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ discusses what he learned from failing. Read Article”