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6 Startups That Are Helping to Save the Oceans While Still Making Money | Entrepeneur

oceanBrands around the world are increasingly embracing sustainability — and not just for reputation management as it was in the past. A McKinsey survey revealed how many companies are applying sustainability principles to improve their operations and boost productivity and growth.

Most of these companies contribute to sustainability efforts by cutting energy consumption, developing green products and educating their employees. But a few choose sustainability as the basis for their existence right from the start. Below are seven ways in which startups are making money even as they save the oceans.

California Makes Strides in Energy Use Awareness | greenpacks.org

Nationwide, we are seeking alternative energy sources in any means possible. Every state is seeking alternative sources of collecting energy, whether that be wind, solar, hydroelectric, biofuel, or any other means available. As a country, we are well aware that fossil fuels are depleting and if action isn’t taken to find other fuel sources immediately, we will face various problems in the near future.

While many states have instituted environmentally friendly programs for new construction, building rehabilitation, and general energy consumption, these programs are most effective on a homeowner consumer level. This isn’t to devalue these programs, as they have effectively impacted decisions for these consumers, however California is thinking on a larger scale.

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