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Why Americans Don’t Buy Electric Cars (Hey, The Tesla Model 3 Isn’t That Popular) | Forbes

Most Americans aren’t interested in electric vehicles. That’s a cold fact.

I won’t cite a bunch of statistics (that may seem encouraging but actually are not). Just look around you.

2020 is almost here but it’s still wall-to-wall gas cars. And it’s not just inertia. All those new cars are gas too.

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Tesla delivers $311m quarterly profit | BBC News

Tesla has reported a quarterly profit for just the third time in its 15-year history.

The electric car-maker made a record $311.5m (£241m) in the three months to 30 September, as the pace of car deliveries accelerated.

The result is a victory for chief executive Elon Musk, who had promised a profit to investors earlier this year.

Tesla’s last profitable quarter came in 2016 and it had faced mounting questions about its finances.

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Another Oil Crash Is Coming, and There May Be No Recovery | Bloomberg Business

It’s time for oil investors to start taking electric cars seriously.

In the next two years, Tesla and Chevy plan to start selling electric cars with a range of more than 200 miles priced in the $30,000 range. Ford is investing billions, Volkswagen is investing billions, and Nissan and BMW are investing billions. Nearly every major carmaker—as well as Apple and Google—is working on the next generation of plug-in cars.

This is a problem for oil markets. OPEC still contends that electric vehicles will make up just 1 percent of global car sales in 2040. Exxon’s forecast is similarly dismissive.

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2012 Green Car Vision Award Finalists All Electric Drive | GreenCar.com

Every year, the Green Car Vision Award™ recognizes the most important vehicle that best envisions the road ahead. To be considered for the Green Car Vision Award™, vehicles must be in demonstration on public highways today or on their way toward commercialization, but not yet widely available to consumers. They are a window to our driving future.

electric prototype

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Electric Charging Points on Vending Machines | CoolBusinessIdeas.com



In Japan we are used to seeing a vending machine on every corner. Using this availability a consortium of ten Japanese companies announced that they would team together to install 10,000 plus electric chargers at vending machine sites by the end of the year.

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Los Angeles to Kick Off Rebate on EV Chargers | GreenPacks.org

Los Angeles has made a gallant move, endorsing more green in society. A pilot program was announced last week by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power) General Manager Ron Nichols, and environmental leaders that will bestow rebates for electric vehicle chargers.

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The Mitsuoka Himiko Electric Sports Car (GALLERY)|trendhunter.com

The Mistuoka Himiko is a stylish electric sports car that embraces vintage aesthetics while mastering forward-thinking eco-technology.

Based off a modern Mazda NC MX-5, the Mistuoko Himiko is more than just a pretty face with its shiny paint coat. Packing a 2.0-liter DOHC 4 in-line Engine, this rear-wheel drive beauty is powered by 168 Lithium batteries, which give it the power it needs to cover 341 miles per charge.

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