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I Am Truly The Worst | Peter Mehit


My daughter is a trainer and wholesale relationship manager for Four Barrel coffee, an independent coffee roaster in San Francisco.  Through my daughter’s work, I’ve learned that there is an extremely passionate world around the constellation of similar roasters such as Blue Bottle, Sight Glass and Intelligencia.  It is a world of cuppings, flavor notes and events that rival the wine world.  This universe has its hipster Robert Parkers, high price tag offerings and barista competitions where winners walk off with $50,000 prizes.

But we’re not going to talk about that world.  Last Saturday night, Dinosaur Coffee, a shop that features Four Barrel’s coffees, had a parody event called the “First Annual World’s Worst Coffee Competition”.  Michelle, the owner, has built a wonderful space that has already become a hit in the neighborhood.  It was the perfect stage for the event.

The official judges rubric evaluated the coffee based on quality (one measure, pleasant to disgusting), the performance of the competitor and originality.  There were seven competitors and the point was to produce the worst possible coffee imaginable.  The audience and judges were not disappointed.

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