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4 Early Consulting Career Mistakes to Avoid | Management Consulting Connection

When I talk to my friends in consulting (across all firms and types of consulting), it amuses me that the early career mistakes we have made and witnessed are eerily similar across the board. I want to share four of them to help you avoid the most common mistakes and possibly course correct if you realize that you are heading down the wrong path.

1. Overcommitting to too many things

Consulting is sometimes like Disney World where there are simply too many interesting and fun experiences and only so much time available. Between genuine interest in multiple opportunities and FOMO (fear of missing out) anxiety, it is easy to get channeled into too many responsibilities beyond one’s bandwidth. That can be a real danger because something has to give. Either everything lowers in quality or you drop the ball on some responsibilities in order to give attention to the more urgent or important ones. Having a reputation for being mediocre or a poor performer in any area (even more trivial activities like virtual happy hour planning) can stain your reputation and scuttle future opportunities.

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Networking Your Way into Consulting, Even in a Pandemic| Richard Hollenbach III | Management Consulting Connection

You might have a picture-perfect resume. You might satisfy all the basic qualifications. Your credentials might even get past the robotic sorters looking through thousands of resumes for specific “buzz words”. But at the end of the day, if you are just a name on a job application, you might not get invited to that first round interview. So how do you combat this nightmare? Well, a good first step is to improve and expand your network.

Networking involves establishing new connections with others in your field of interest as well as strengthening existing relationships with colleagues, bosses, pupils, and people you briefly met at a conference or meeting. You do not even need to know the person you are trying to connect with, as a mutual contact might be willing to make an introduction. As a result, networking is a varied process occurring in many different forms.

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