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Art Fight! The Pinkest Pink Versus the Blackest Black | WIRED

HOW MUCH MORE black could Vantablack be? The answer is none. None more black.

This stuff is the blackest black. It is so black that it makes reality look Photoshopped. Perception of depth and dimensionality disappears into a scotoma of darkness. You look at Vantablack, but nothing looks back at you.

That’s not why Vantablack caused an uproar last year. It was supposed to be a specialty product for aerospace and optics. But then engineers at the English company Surrey NanoSystems, the place that invented Vantablack, figured out a cheaper, spray-on version.

Suddenly it wasn’t just for techies anymore. Now, theoretically, it could be for anyone. Even artists. Before 2016, Vantablack was a technology. After that, it was a color. And people take colors very personally.

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What Your Car Color Says About Society

But that’s changed. People are hanging on to their cars longer, and don’t know when they’ll buy their next new set of wheels. Instead of flashiness, people are trying to show quiet sophistication.

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Colours In Cultures | informationisbeautiful.net

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