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Pepsi Must Cut Ties With Palm Oil Plantation Using Child Labor | ForceChange

Pepsi Must Cut Ties With Palm Oil Plantation Using Child Labor

Target:  Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo

Goal: Pepsi must cut ties with a palm oil plantation found to be using child labor.

Pepsi is supplied by a palm oil plantation that uses child labor to harvest its product. The palm oil plantation Indofood produces products for PepsiCo’s snacks and has been found to have profited off abusive child labor.In addition to dangerous child labor, Indofood has also been accused of union busting and exposing its workers to dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Workers have also been found to make less than the required minimum wage.Millions of children are suffering on palm oil plantations around the world. Pepsi must sever its ties with palm oil plantations abusing children. Sign the petition to demand that Pepsi lead the way among other major companies and engage in sustainable, fair, and safe production practices.

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Praise Tyson Foods For Dropping Abusive Supplier | ForceChange

Praise Tyson Foods For Dropping Abusive Supplier Posted by Lindsay Savitzky

Target: Tom Hayes, CEO of Tyson Foods

Goal: Commend Tyson company for cutting ties with supplier accused of horrific cruelty toward chickens.

Tyson Foods has terminated its contract with Atlantic Farms after a video was released which seemed to reveal horrific cruelty taking place at the facility. Workers at the facility were reportedly seen crushing, stomping, and stabbing chickens in addition to throwing sick birds onto piles of dead ones. The conditions in which the birds are allegedly forced to live in are deplorable.

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How to Make 2017 a Great Year for Your Business | Duct Tape Marketing

I’m afraid this isn’t going to be the typical end of the year wrap-up/prediction post.

Nothing wrong with those, I’ve done them in the past, but today I simply want to share what I hope.

I hope this for my own business, and I hope this for anyone struggling to make meaning, get unstuck, grow, change, reconnect, start, or stop.

So often we take stock at the end of the year and for a brief moment may even experience something like optimism for the upcoming year. But, then the same patterns sneak back in, and by the end of January, nothing seems much different.

For 2017 to be the year that you breakthrough or out the only thing you really need to change is your mind.

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20 Riskiest Business Moves Of 2011 | Slideshows

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