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4 Business Etiquette Tips Straight From Middle School | Inc.com

Tuesday nights have been rough around my house.

My daughter Lucy, 12, is in the middle of an eight-week dance and etiquette training course for middle schoolers that’s commonly known as “cotillion.” She says she hates cotillion and protests mightily. Good manners are always a good idea, I told her. Think of college interviews and job interviews. Heck, think of walking into a high school dance with confidence, because you got the moves.

And she said, “Yes, of course, Mother, I know you’re right.” Heck no, she didn’t say that. But I’m playing the long game. I bet years from now Lucy will appreciate the wisdom of cotillion. In the meantime, I figure we all could stand to brush up on our eqtiquette skills, so I’ve compiled this refresher. After all, good manners are always a good idea in business and professional circles, too.

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Stepping Up: How This Mother-Daughter Business Duo is Caring for their Future | Business News Daily

When my husband Jeff and I first came across Caring Transitions, we knew it was the perfect opportunity for us to leave the corporate world and start our own business. We were drawn to the company’s focus on helping the senior community, and saw the need for its services in the Dallas area.

We worked feverishly on building an amazing team to support the growing demand for senior services and our dreams of owning and operating our own company were coming to fruition. In the midst of our dreams, Jeff was diagnosed with cancer and lost his brave battle last year. It was almost serendipitous that my daughter Nicole stepped up to join me as co-owner of Caring Transitions of North Dallas Suburbs.

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Top business tips for 2015 | BBC News

As one calendar year draws to a close, and another is set to be begin, many business leaders are thinking about their challenges for the next 12 months.

They are weighing up any number of potential choices and factors; from expansion plans, to new products, whether to change suppliers, and how everything fits into the economic backdrop.

It is the time of year when forward planning comes to the forefront of people’s minds.

Here, 10 business leaders profiled in 2014 for the BBC’s The Boss slot, share their top tips on running or setting up a company in 2015.

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  5 Reasons Your Business Needs Your Story | Getentrepreneurial.com

You may have heard it said ‘Stories Sell’.  It’s true.  We really connect to a good story and it’s a proven marketing and sales tactic. You know this instinctively, you only buy something when you really ‘believe’ it.  And you can take any example from your own life.  Think about the last purchase you made; what was the pitch?  What did you believe when you bought it?  I can guarantee you, it was a great story.

However, I’m not writing about new ‘tactics’ here.  I want to write about something much more authentic and personal than the latest proven business building gimmick.

And what’s this got to do with your business?  Well you can be the very best in the world at what you do but if you can’t sell your services, you simply don’t have a business.

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15 Entrepreneurs on What They Wish They’d Known When They First Started Up | Slideshow | Entrepreneur.com

Building a successful business is typically done by trial and error, with many hurdles along the way. And when it’s your first company, every day involves making mistakes and learning something new.

We asked small-business owners around America to tell us the one thing they wished they’d known when they first started their businesses.

We’ve broken out some of the best to serve as a primer on getting as much as possible right the first time around.

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You Can’t Beat Habit | Entrepreneur.com

Customers are altering their behavior because of uncertainty about the future: laying off employees (maybe even your contacts), hoarding cash and postponing routine purchases.  All purchase decisions are now up for conscious review.

Here are some ways to get your customers back in the habit of buying from you.

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