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4 Tips for Business Success From Entrepreneur Elon Musk | businessnewsdaily.com

At 39, entrepreneur is at the top of two very different companies that quite possibly could change the world.

On one end of the Paypal co-founder’s business spectrum is SpaceX, a rocket and spacecraft company that stands poised to cash in on a billion-dollar cargo delivery contract to keep astronauts on the International Space Station stocked with clothes, vittles and any other supplies they might need.

At the other is Tesla Motors, the electric car manufacture which Musk has helped through a multimillion-dollar IPO. BusinessNewsDaily recently spoke with Musk to learn the guiding principles behind his entrepreneurial success.

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15 Companies Founded By Amazing Young Entrepreneurs | Business News Daily

You’ve heard about 30 under 30 lists (and other lists) that celebrate entrepreneurs under a certain age for achieving greatness. Did you ever imagine a list featuring entrepreneurs as young as nine years old?

Age doesn’t equal success, and no one knows that more than the young entrepreneurs on this list. They don’t need a driver’s license or high school diploma to transform their ideas into thriving businesses.

Here are 15 companies started by amazing young entrepreneurs.

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Why Online Reviews are Crucial to Business Success | The Startup Magazine

Yes, it’s true that word-of-mouth marketing has always been important to business success, but today, online reviews serve as potent extensions of this phenomenon. In the mobile, digital era, we’re more connected than ever.

When people are looking for something – whether it’s a product, a service, a company or a place to visit – they turn to online reviews to help them decide where to spend their money. And studies show that people trust online reviews as much as they do recommendations from personal friends. What’s perhaps more shocking is that only 54% trust the information they find on company websites.

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Think Differently About Success | The Startup Magazine

The ability to create success starts with a mindset that aligns with taking action, learning rapidly and adapting to change. Successful people think differently about success. It’s not all about your IQ or the kind of car you drive. True success is having a growing network of people you know how to tap into, achieving fulfillment in what you do, and being able to see opportunity everywhere.

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4 Companies That Use Humor in Marketing (And How You Can Too) | AllBusiness.com

4 Companies That Use Humor in Marketing (And How You Can Too)

ol the man laughs humor reaction Joker retro style

Why is humor so effective when it comes to marketing? People always say laughter is the best medicine, and this platitude is starting to impact the marketing strategy of several big brands. Let’s take a look at some examples of companies that successfully added humor to their marketing strategies and how you can do the same.

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The No. 1 Marketing Tool Every Business Needs | AllBusiness.com

The No. 1 Marketing Tool Every Business Needs

Website concept

Do you think your social media presence or your word-of-mouth is so strong that you don’t need a website for your business? Maybe you have amazing online reviews or a stellar reputation in the community. But that doesn’t mean your business can survive without a website of its own. Unfortunately, a surprising number of small business owners seem to view a business website as an “extra” rather than what they really are: an essential foundation for their marketing efforts.

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The List Tour

c59907_38a1af82f3234a82b36cc2c9068c22ad-mv2This is a One-Day intimate and interactive EXPERIENCE that brings the instructors who give you the tools to propel SELF + Business success. It is for the entrepreneur who is ready to use what’s in their Hand and Master IT – Creating an environment of continuous Profit!

The LIST Tour will focus in on content marketing, influence, capital and ways to use social media to your advantage. 

You will:   

  • Obtain information on how to become effective in your approach

  • Connect with entrepreneurs in your community

  • Leave with a plan on how to not only build your business but to keep it afloat

  • Be made accountable for your success

  • Included is continental breakfast and a fabulous LUNCH!

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4 Steps to Creating a Killer Marketing Plan Today | Small Biz Trends

Marketing is one of the most critical components of your business’s success. You may have a fantastic product or service, but if customers are not aware it exists, there’s no point in continuing the line of work.

In order to make sure your product is exposed to your target customers, you need to develop a robust, killer marketing plan. Once you’ve spent time identifying the four Ps, start adding some elements and details to your strategy. Let’s look at the areas you should focus on when developing your marketing plan.

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Paving Your Own Path to Success | BusinessTips.com

imagesWhen something amazing happens to someone, one of the first things we want to say is, “You’re so lucky.” This is an appropriate reaction to someone finding $20 on the floor or winning concert tickets, but when it comes to operating a business, is success really a result of luck? It may seem that way when your business is struggling despite all of the hours of hard work you’ve invested in it, but there are strategies you can implement that will slowly but surely help you pave your own path to great success.

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Fatburger: How One Burger Chain Profits From Turmoil Abroad | Businessweek

Political protests, disease outbreaks, terrorist campaigns—U.S. business owners considering expanding internationally would be forgiven for deciding to stay at home. But name a tumultuous spot abroad—Hong Kong, Iraq, Egypt—and Andy Wiederhorn has probably opened a burger shop there in the past seven years.

Wiederhorn has taken his Los Angeles-based franchise, Fatburger, from a struggling also-ran to a $125 million company by opening in 32 countries since 2007. He has 200 international locations now and an additional 350 in development, including in places rocked by unrest, such as Tunisia and Libya. Despite the advances of Islamic State, a second store in Iraq is also in the works.

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