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Playing Monopoly: What Facebook’s Mark Zuckergerg Can Learn From Bill Gates | WIRED

POP QUIZ: WHAT tech mogul dropped out of Harvard after two years to found a tech company that conquered the world? If you answered Mark Zuckerberg, congratulations! You are correct. And if you answered Bill Gates, congratulations: You are also correct!

And the interesting thing is, it’s not just Harvard. The more you compare the two, the more similar they seem. It’s as if they were cloned from the same DNA: They both were born the only boy into a wealthy family. They both have doting, indulgent mothers, who believed they could do no wrong and instilled in them both a preternatural self confidence.

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Why The Facebook-Microsoft Alliance Should Worry Google | Fast Company

The parallels between Microsoft and Facebook have always been strong. Founded by college dropouts from Harvard, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, the two have overcome vicious competition to create some of the world’s most influential technology companies and ubiquitous products. And though times have changed for the nearly four-decades-old Microsoft, never have the connections been stronger between it and Facebook.

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Microsoft’s Iconic Group Photo Members Tracked Through the Years | Seattle News

The ragtag group of bearded longhairs assembled in front of a gray backdrop looks like they might be a lost splinter of the Manson family. In fact, they’re Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and the rest of the founding members of Microsoft in 1978, not long before they moved to Seattle and turned the technology world on its head. So what happened to them?

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I’m a PC, an Angry, Caustic PC. | Emails From Crazy People

An actual e-mail from Bill Gates to his crew about “Windows Usability Systematic degradation flame”. Cool. He even tells them he’s going to trash them in the Subject line.

Best Quote:

“The lack of attention to usability represented by these experiences blows my mind.” Turns out that Bill has had all of the same problems we have with Windows.

The take away is this, at a certain point, some businesses get so big, nobody can really control them and it’s up to the systems and culture that formed during its growth phase to steer it in maturity.

The same applies to governments too. We’re having quite a usability issue with ours.

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