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Hemelswater Makes Beer From Rain On Urban Rooftops | Pop-Up City

Climate change makes it rain more often and more heavily in Western Europe’s low countries. At the same time the streets of our cities are completely paved, leaving no room for water to drain. This causes increasing urban flooding issues. But there is a solution, and it’s called beer.

The Amsterdam-based brewery Hemelswater has started to collect water from rooftops in the city to make beer from. Their first beer is called Code Blond and is collected from the roof of the Volkshotel building in Amsterdam. The name Code Blond refers to the weather forecasting codes that indicate dangerous weather expectations such as storm, snowfall and heavy rainfall in the Netherlands. As a consequence of the changing weather conditions these weather alarms are being used more often than in the past.

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Why ‘Hoppy’ Beer May Be Better for Your Liver | Live Science

The hops found in beer not only add flavor, but also may lessen the damaging effects of alcohol on the liver, a new study in mice suggests.

In the study, the researchers gave mice regular beer with hops, a special beer without hops, or plain ethanol (alcohol). After 12 hours, the mice that were given the beer with hops showed less buildup of fat in their livers than the mice that were given ethanol. In contrast, the mice that were given beer without hops had about the same level of fat accumulation in their livers as the mice that were given ethanol.

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The Biggest Beer Deal Ever Could Threaten Real Craft Brews | WIRED

IT’S BEEN A busy year for beer and things are coming to (ahem) a head this week.

After months of dickering, the world’s largest beer maker, Anheuser-Busch InBev, is buying the world’s second-largest beer maker, SABMiller for about $104 billion. That’s greater than the GDP of Ecuador and the single biggest deal in the history of beer. Assuming the deal clears all the regulatory hurdles, the new company would own about one of every three beers in the world, not to mention fat stacks of capital and unprecedented access to supply and distribution chains.

And that’s making a lot of small-time brewers and craft beer purists very nervous.

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Self-service beer taps coming your way | Money Cnn

How much do you hate waiting for another beer in a crowded bar?

It irked Josh Goodman enough to invent a pretty obvious solution — self-service beer taps.

Goodman, 36, recalled the exact moment in late 2008 when his frustration boiled over.

“I was hanging out with my friends at a Baltimore sports bar before an Orioles game,” he said. “We just couldn’t get another beer served to us quickly.”

Even more than being annoyed, Goodman was struck by how much money the bar must be losing. Almost immediately, he got to work on a self-service beer concept.

Within a few months, Goodman had launched PourMyBeer in Chicago (where he’d relocated to be with his wife).

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24 Brilliant Beer Branding Designs | trendhunter.com

Beer companies have started to reconsider how they approach beer branding and what that means to their bottle designs. Should a brand’s design be witty and interactive, colorful and vibrant, minimalistic and direct or original and retro? In order to win over the average consumer, these are questions that marketers and brand executives need to consider. Fortunately, several companies have made it a point to re-brand themselves and that means changing their bottle designs.

This collection of designs showcase beer companies that have used branding strategies like summer-themed graphics, bottle labels that feature a 12-part detective story, bottles designed in an elegant sleek shape and various other companies that are changing the ways in which we view and drink from a beer bottle.

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