Wally App: Personal Finance App Review | Gen X Finance

Wally App Review, Personal Finance App

wally app

The first step to reigning in your finances is keeping track of what you spend.  Experts used to recommend writing down expenditures, or using some sort of setting goals worksheet but with technology being as advanced as it is today, cash logs are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Mobile apps are readily accessible and easy to use.  There’s a variety of personal finance applications that do all the grunt work for you.  Wally happens to do just that. If you’re struggling to keep track of your finances and the receipts that you’re given after a purchase, you’ll find it a valuable, mobile tool to have on hand, especially with my grocery budget.  Available through iTunes, the personal finance app is one of the best of its kind.  Complete with all the tools you need to track your spending, you won’t need to download multiple apps to manage your expenses.

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