ROCK ON! Iron Maiden’s 757! | Yeah Bra! |

Click on any of the images below to see a larger image.

Check out the tour cities painted on the fuselage like bombing runs:  Belgrade, Dubai, Bangalore… Bangalore, India? I’ve been to Bangalore. Imagining a stadium full of Bangalorian’s rocking out to Maiden while moshing and making devil horns is a mental stretch for me. The sole American date is Fort Lauderdale. Shouldn’t they be flying Southwest?

Don’t be afraid, you’re safe with me
Safe as any soul can be honestly
Just let yourself go

Caught somewhere in time…

I used to play in a band, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. We had a tour plane too. Here’s a picture:

Fortunately, we 0nly needed to use the guns a few times.  The bombs are for places we bombed. Not where we weren’t well received, but places we actually bombed. I hate hecklers.

I wonder why they picked Osama Bin Laden as their mascot. At least they were smart and chose the ‘young’ Osama.

Sleep tight, kiddies.

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