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How many people are napping while working remotely | Fast Company

Feeling tired?

Perhaps you were out late or maybe that long, tedious meeting almost put you to sleep. Whatever the reason, it’s not so uncommon to be fighting a yawn at work.

But how common is it to give in to temptation and take a quick nap on the clock? With so many now working from home and the bed right there, surely now is the best time ever to sneak in a snooze.

We surveyed 2,000 American workers to find out how many could put napping on their resume. Each worker was asked the same 6 simple questions on off-task behavior conducted during work hours. It turns out one-in-three are taking advantage of the situation to get so much needed shut-eye.

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23% Feel Unsafe at Their Coworking Space | Small Business Trends

As more people work remotely, they are doing so from different places. And one of those places is a coworking space. So, what are the challenges users of these spaces face when they work there?

According to a new survey from Clutch, safety is one of the issues. Almost a quarter or 23% of the respondents in the survey say they don’t feel safe. Moreover, 88% experience different types of challenges.

In the report, Clutch says there are more than 20,000 coworking spaces in the world. And as more companies send their workforce to work in these spaces, they should address the challenges they are facing.

Titled, “6 Challenges of Coworking Spaces” the report looks at each issue with a workaround for the problem.

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