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How to Manage Your Business Cash Flow During the Slow Season | AllBusiness.com

1st in a series of articles exploring how to make 2019 your business’s best year yet.

Getting your business in shape for a successful 2019 starts with cash flow. If your business is a seasonal one, such as a landscaping company, or a home remodeling or construction business in which work slows down during the winter months, year-end cash flow planning is especially important.

Without positive cash flow, you won’t have the working capital you need to finance your operations, pay your vendors, or meet payroll during the slow season.

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How to Prevent a Cash Flow Crisis in Your Business | AllBusiness.com

Cash flow from operations is still the number-one way that U.S. small and midsize businesses finance growth. But just about every small business runs into situations where the cash just isn’t flowing. When that happens, where do you turn?

Some 37% of U.S. small and midsize businesses in the C2FO Working Capital Outlook Survey 2017 say their need for liquidity increased significantly last year compared to the previous year, while 34% say it increased slightly. All told, nearly three-fourths of small and midsize businesses in the survey have greater need of liquidity than they did in 2016.

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