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5 tips to help you save your first $1,000 | CNN Money 

5 tips to help you save your first $1,000 Millennials now the largest living generationIf you’ve yet to save your first $1,000, take comfort in the fact that you’re in good company. An estimated 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in a savings account, and 34% have absolutely no savings at all.

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How to Kick Your Bad Money Habits | Gen X Finance

How to Kick Your Bad Money Habits

bad money habits Have you ever had to say I’m Broke? Well if you have this is for you. You’ve got money problems and you can’t figure how to crawl out of the hole you’ve dug for yourself.  The bills keep stacking up and try as you might to pay things off, your bank account is going further and further in the red with each passing day.  You just cannot seem to find a way to pay your bills.  What can you do to kick your bad money habits once and for all?  Hire a company to consolidate your debt into one easy payment?  Go on a spending detox? Although each solution provides positive outcomes, you need to build a better relationship with your finances not just bandage the crack in your piggy bank. Here are some tips that will help you kick your bad money habits once and for all:

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How to Become a Millionaire – The Top 5 Tips

Becoming a millionaire isn’t all that difficult and there are countless ways to achieve that milestone. Some people do it through real estate, others start their own business, while some simply get lucky by winning the lottery or winning big on a game show. What is even more interesting is that you don’t have to be wealthy to begin with nor do you have to earn six figures to reach this goal.

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