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Time and Attendance: Which Timeclock Is Right for You? | businessnewsdaily.com

Not all timeclocks are compatible with every time and attendance system, so the one you select may be a factor in the system you end up using.

  • Timeclocks help business owners maximize employee productivity and minimize time theft.
  • Types of timeclocks include punch cards, RFID, password, biometric, IVR and mobile.
  • You can have your tablets and access control systems double as timeclocks as well.
  • This article is for small business owners searching for the right timeclock for their staff.

Each year, U.S. employers lose $11 billion to time theft. Much of this comes from employees stealing a few minutes each day, which can be prevented with a comprehensive time and attendance system.

As the number of available time and attendance solutions grows, there’s no shortage of timeclock options for your business. You can select either a stand-alone timeclock or a time and attendance system that includes timeclock features. It depends largely on your business and what you feel makes the most sense for monitoring your employees.

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