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Seven Time Management Hacks for Hippies | marketingforhippies.com

A question I often get is, “What’s Tad short for?”

But another question I get almost as often is, “How do you do so much?”

The most honest answer I can give is, “Other things suffer.” And that’s true in just about every way we could mean it.

But, what’s also true is that I have figured out a few things about managing my time and organizing those to do lists. Because, if you’re not organized, it’s easier to just never, ever get to those important projects of yours.

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3 Tips for Successfully Managing Your Day-to-Day Workload | Getentrepreneurial.com

There is so much to do in your business on a day-to-day basis that it’s very easy for time to run away with you. Before you know it an hour has disappeared and you’re not much further forward.

Let me share with you today a tool that I use regularly to help me manage my day-to-day workload.  It’s a simple tool … and everyone has it — including you!

And my tool is … SPREADSHEETS!

They have so many more uses than just calculating figures. They are also a great tool to help you manage your time effectively.

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How to Escape the Illusion of Time Management | AllBusiness Experts

“Oh man, I have so much to do today. I really need to learn to manage my time better.”

It’s a story as old as time itself. We look at a big list of things we need to accomplish and start divvying up the amount of time we have to get them done. We slice it and dice it and manage every little bit of it. We fret about how much time is passing while we’re trying to get everything organized. We make lists and schedules and then fret about whether we are ahead or behind. We tend to call that “time management.”But believe me, it’s an illusion. There is no such thing as “time management.”

For one thing, “time management” implies that there is something controllable about the passage of time. Unless you’re an experimental physicist with a DeLorean and a flux capacitor, there really isn’t anything you can do about how many hours are in the day. Your job isn’t to manage time, it’s to manage priorities

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Entrepreneur’s Guide to Effective Time Management | BusinessNewsDaily.com

Innovators like Henry Ford have attributed their success to good time management. Nevertheless, a recent study found that 72 percent of small business owners are working longer days and on more weekends, while half of those surveyed find there’s not enough time to get things done. With time being the most valuable commodity for small business owners, a time-management plan is essential to running a business and achieving a work-life balance.

Here’s how other entrepreneurs, from freelancers to small businessowners, effectively manage their time and how you can create your own time-management plan for life and business.

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