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Are You Financially Ready to Start a Business? | Getentrepreneurial.com

Starting a business could be your next step toward financial and personal freedom. But obviously there’s a lot to think about before in dive in.

First of all, is this the lifestyle you want to pursue? Second, do you have enough money to get started? Use the financial essentials below to help you determine whether launching a business makes financial sense for your future.

Look at Your Personal Financial State

If you’re trying to open a company, you’ve probably been setting money aside. Even if they’ve been doing this, most business owners still have to take out a loan, but your savings should substantially reduce the personal financial burden.

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How to Start a Service-Based Business | Business News Daily

On the surface, starting a service-based business like public relations, consulting, writing or coaching seems easy enough. You have the skills to deliver high-quality work and results, so you set up a nice website and spread the word among your network contacts that you’re looking for clients.

But running any type of business, especially a service company, is never “easy.” There will be long hours, difficult clients, frustrating projects and many other obstacles along the way. But for those who have what it takes to persevere, the rewards of turning your passion and skill set into a viable business far outweigh the challenges you’ll face.

So, what is it really like to start and run a service business? Entrepreneurs who have done it weighed in on the challenges and advantages, as well as the best practices for getting your company off the ground.

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9 Reasons You Should Never, Ever Start a Business | Allbusiness

There’s a lot of content out there telling you to go forth! Start a business! but the truth is, not everyone should start a business. If more of the 80 percent of small businesses that fail had but hesitated and considered why they were getting into business, we’d probably have fewer businesses and more successes in those that did exist. If any of these reasons ring true, you do not need to become an entrepreneur:

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You are Your Own Supercomputer | Peter Mehit

computers1Many times when people think about starting a business, they cherish the idea of the freedom and control it would bring, but are often overcome by fear. ‘How will I find customers?’, ‘How do I find the money I need?’, ‘Will anyone really buy what I’m selling?’ are typical of the questions we run through our minds as a wave of fear spills over us leaving us grateful for the job we loathe.

Many of us believe ‘it takes money to make money’, yet many of the greatest success stories are people that had little or no money at the beginning of their journey. We convince ourselves that we need ever increasing amounts of education, but Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, didn’t complete college, Sir Richard Branson never went. Many of the businesses you pass by L.A. freeways are owned by people who possess only high school diplomas.

So what is it? What makes some people successful and others not? We believe it boils down to three main things:

They have a clear idea what they want to make or do to start their business.

They believe they can figure out anything.

They understand, actually or intuitively, how the mind works.

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